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We have created to be the foundation for your digital business ranging from SaaS to plattform solutions. Let us take care of the basics and gave you peace of mind to focus on the features that make your solution truly unique.

Business Models

SaaS Solutions

You identified a pain point in you industry and know how to solve it? Use your unique insight and develop the standard software solution for your industry specific challenge.

Platform Solutions

Become the central platform in your industry. Move your position from supplier to market maker and bring demand and need together.

Portal Solutions

Let your customers choose and book you companies services themselves. Strengthen your sales force and reach new target groups.

portal solution


API First

Make us of the well-documented consistent API’s – connect the custom part of your solution hassle free.


Take what you need from our standardized selection modules.

100 % customizable

Customize and personalize your solution on top of our modules refining your unique application logic.


From Mailchimp through Paypal to Google Analytics, easly integrate your favourite standard solutions.

All included

A 360* offer, including: Service-level agreement (SLA), infrastructure, logging, scaling, deployment, backups and monitoring.


The micro-service architecture grows with your business.

Case Studies

Social media for politics has never been so easy.

Civical empowers political and social actors.

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